List of UNISA Courses 2018 - 2019 by Qualification Level

List of UNISA Courses by Qualification Level

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12 thoughts on “List of UNISA Courses 2018 - 2019 by Qualification Level”

  1. Sinhle Hitekani Chauke

    hi am a student at westcol am doing N5 but next year I will be doing N6 management assistant so I would like you to give me the information on how and which course I can do on a specific course that am doing know I really like to come and be part of your student.

  2. I am an Higher National Diploma(HND) holder of Public Administration from a reputable Polytechnic here in Nigeria.
    I wish to obtain your BSC certificate applying with my HND certificate. I need a lucid clarification please!

  3. Hi I'm Thulisa iwould like to study at unisa I've tried applying last for Teaching they didn't take me nd I've change nd apply for Safety management cz ididnt have maths they say I should apply for Higher certificate in economics nd management science which they say academic point ( aps) score doesnt grant me access which I've got a D in English that is 50 of wat is needed please help itried emailing the counsellor but get no respond

  4. Hi,I am Muzi Dubazana. I would like to ask if how much is to register in unisa for nsfas or funza cause I've someone I know who her family is not well in financial but she have matric,how can I help her?

  5. Is the a course or progrmam that assits students to better there matric marks and AP points that they optained??

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